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Having a vision - building a world wide community environment monitoring platform one prototype at a time / ARTiVIS, Presentation by Mónica Mendes and Pedro Ângelo, Narrative Strategies Symposium 2014 - Future Fabulators, November 8-9, Funchal.

Métodos e Práticas na Investigação em Artes Digitais com o Projecto ARTiVIS, Conference in the scope of the Fine Arts PhD Seminars, Faculty of Fine Arts of the Univerty of Lisbon - FBAUL, October 23, 2014, Lisbon.
References shared in the Seminar

Hug a Tree in Africa, Interactive installation by Mónica Mendes, Pedro Ângelo, Nuno Correia, Valentina Nisi, Nuno Nunes, and Donovan Costa, at National Art Gallery of Namibia - NAGN exhibition, October 13-30, 2014, Windhoek, Namibia.

MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, CORREIA, Nuno, NISI, Valentina, NUNES, Nuno, COSTA, Donovan (2014) Hug a Tree in Africa, Procceedings of the 13th Participatory Design Conference - PDC 2014 and Art exhibition, October 6-10, 2014, Windhoek, Namibia. DOI 10.1145/2662155.2662220

MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, CORREIA, Nuno (2014) “Hug@ree: An ARTiVIS Experience for Sustainability”, Transactions Special Section: Balance-Unbalance, Leonardo MIT Press, October 2014, Vol. 47, No. 5, pp. 500-501.

QUINTAL, Filipe, CLINTON, Jorge, NUNES, Nuno, NISI, Valentina, MENDES, Mónica (2014) Watt-a-Feeling – Raising Energy Production Literacy Through a Tangible Installation, AVI 2014 International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces [FSEA Workshop], Italy, May 2014.

ARTiVIS: Practice-based research combining Arts, Real-Time Video and Interactivity for Sustainability, Doctor of Arts Seminar at Media Lab, Aalto University, May 8, 2014, Helsinki, Finland. Presentation in the sope of the Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility Programme.

Appropriating Video Surveillance for Art and Environmental Awareness: Experiences from ARTiVIS Project, by Mónica Mendes and Pedro Ângelo, Invited talk and artistic installation presentation, Workshop on “Emerging ICT for citizens’ veillance: theoretical and practical insights”, 20th -21st March 2014, European Community Joint Research Center - EC-JRC-IPSC, Ispra, Italy.
Workshop publication | Workshop report | Photo album

Hug@ree - an ARTiVIS Exerience, Interactive installation demonstration at European Researchers Night 2013, Knowledge Pavillion, September 27, 2013, Lisbon.
Photo album | Timelapse video

"What if the Future had Community Run Sensor Networks?", guest speaker with Pedro Ângelo, Sustainable Technologies and Transdisciplinary Futures: From Collaborative Design to Digital Fabrication’ – STTF2013 Summer School of ISCTE-IUL University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, July 8, 2013.

ÂNGELO, Pedro, MENDES, Mónica (2013) "ARTiVIS DiY Forest Surveillance Kit" in Cleland, K., Fisher, L. & Harley, R. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, June 7-16, 2013, Sydney, Australia. Workshop description | Video timelapse

MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro (2013) "Don't Resist: Hug@ree" Creator Session, 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, June 7-16, 2013, Sydney, Australia.

MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, CORREIA, Nuno (2013) "Hug@ree – An ARTiVIS Experience for Sustainability" paper presentation, "Hug@ree – Embrace Nature for a Sustainable Future"Installation/Performance, "Hug@ree – Collective Foliage for a Sustainable Future" Virtual project, Balance-Unbalance International Conference 2013, Noosa, Australia, May 31-June 2, 2013 | Video timelapse

Practice-based research and evaluation in ARTiVIS, PhD Colloquium and lecture at Kunstuniversität Linz, May 23-24, 2013. References shared at the Colloquium | 2013.05.23 Lecture announcement

MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, NISI, Valentina, CORREIA, Nuno (2012) “Touch Nature: Hug@ree”, Hug@ree interactive installation video screened in IEEE World Haptics Conference 2013, Interactive Art exhibition, Korea, April 14-17, 2013 | Video

ARTiVIS presentations at Agrupamento de Escolas Aquilino Ribeiro, February 3, 2013, and EBI Miraflores, March 15, 2013, in the scope of IV Edição encontro de jovens “Agora Falamos Nós” - Liberdade de Expressão, followed by panel on the artistic project and process, Auditório da Biblioteca Municipal de Oeiras, April 10, 2013
[Video by Aquilino Ribeiro students and teachers M. Joana Fernandes and Manuel Ramos | Videos by Miraflores students and teacher Adélia Albuquerque (PT)]

PhD Viva! "ARTiVIS – Arts, Real-time Video and Interactivity for Sustainability", PhD thesis in Digital Media by Mónica Mendes with Nuno Correia and Sílvia Chicó as research advisors, thesis delivery: October 2012, final discussion: March 22, 2013
» Thesis PDF document for download at RUN [32MB]

ARTiVIS research project presentation, Digital Media Research Symposium, Futureplaces Festival 2012, PINC Auditorium, Porto, October 17, 2012
Creative Politics artistic residency focusing on finding out what data is available about Forest Fires in Portugal, especially how much money is spent – info for use on the installation project Play With Fire. Participation with Pedro Ângelo at LCD / CAAA, October 6-9, Guimarães 2012 | Residency results | + Info at the wiki »
"ARTiVIS DiY Forest Surveillance Kit", project progress presentation at Artropocode meeting 2012, LCD / CAAA, Guimarães 2012, October 5-7, 2012, by Pedro Ângelo and Mónica Mendes
MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, NISI, Valentina, CORREIA, Nuno (2012) “Digital Art, HCI and Environmental Awareness: Evaluating Play with Fire”, Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, NordiCHI 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 14-17, 2012, pp.408-417. DOI 10.1145/2399016.2399079
MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, NISI, Valentina, CORREIA, Nuno (2012) “Play with Fire”, DIS – ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems, Demonstrations, Newcastle, June 13, 2012
MENDES, Mónica (2012) “ARTiVIS – Arts, Real-Time Video and Interactivity for Sustainability”, DIS 2012 – ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems, Doctoral Consortium, Newcastle, June 11, 2012
"Play with Fire" interactive installation demonstration and tests at community hall of Maçal do Chão, Guarda, April 6-7, 2012
"Play with Fire" interactive installation at Pop Up exhibition at the market in the scope of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, Guimarães 2012, March 23-April 1, 2012, Guimarães
AHA! – A Human Approach, installation and performance, LCD residency, March 2012, Guimarães 2012 | AHA! Text by Filipe Pais | Prototype online »
"Play with Fire" interactive installation
by Mónica Mendes, Pedro Ângelo, Valentina Nisi, Nuno Correia & collaboration of Filipe Cruz (mobile application) and Ricardo Webbens (sound design), at "Creative Algorithms" exhibition, Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva and O Espaço do Tempo – February 6-26, 2012, Lisbon
Artist in Residency pairing ARTiVIS interactive experience Play with Fire with SINAIS project, January 24-30, 2012, Funchal, Madeira


MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, NISI, Valentina, CORREIA, Nuno (2011) “Play with Fire”, Creative Showcase and Interactive Art, ACE 2011 – 8th International on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, November 08-11, Lisbon
ARTiVIS PhD research project presentation, Digital Media Doctoral Symposium, Futureplaces Festival 2011, FBAUP, Porto, October 21, 2011
"Play with Fire" interactive installation by Mónica Mendes, Pedro Ângelo, Valentina Nisi, Nuno Correia, Filipe Cruz and Ricardo Webbens, at "Creative Algorithms" exhibition, O Espaço do Tempo, October 22-28, 2011, Montemor-o-Novo
MENDES, Mónica, CORREIA, Nuno, NISI, Valentina, ÂNGELO, Pedro (2011) “Play with Fire | A Real-Time Video Experience for Sustainability”, paper presented at ISEA2011 Istanbul International Festival of New Media, Electronic and Digital Arts, Sept 14-21
"Hug@ree" interactive installation demo at Artropocode, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 16-17, 2011 | Flickr set »
MENDES, Mónica [2011] “RTiVISS" Guest lecture (June 22) and "Hug@ree" interactive installation exhibition (June 21-July 1), Sci|Art NanoLab Summer Institute, UCLA Art|Sci Center+Lab, Los Angeles
MENDES, Mónica (2011) “Bringing real-time visibility to Forests for Sustainability”, position paper, CHI 2011 Workshop: Sustainable Interaction Design in Professional Domains – Visible – Actionable – Sustainable, Vancouver, May 7
"Big Brother Goes Green: Surveillance for Sustainable Forests" dual panel by Mónica Mendes and Nuno Correia, to be part of the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival, March 11-15, Austin, USA. Panel picker page comments » | SXSW Interactive schedule »
MOTA, Catarina, MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, LOBO, Ricardo [2011] "Audiência Zero", MCD - Musique & Cultures Digitales #62 - Media Labs in Europe, Mapping Places and Networks, pp. 40-41
MENDES, Mónica, ÂNGELO, Pedro, CORREIA, Nuno [2011] "Hug@ree: A RTiVISS experience", TEI '11 Proceedings of the fifth international conference on Tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction – Art Explorations, January 25-29 2011, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Hug@ree interactive installation portable version at AZ Labs hackmeet, Porto, Portugal, December 18-19, 2010
"Earth on Heaven", film integrating "City One Minutes The Movie", by Joe Houweling and Sophie Leferink, a project was conceived by The One Minutes Foundation and Holland Doc, screened at Pop Up City Nimas, Lisbon, Portugal [2010/12/11]
Hug@ree – A RTiVISS experience, interactive installation at the Pop Up City exhibition Santa Catarina Verride Palace, Lisbon, Portugal, November 4-December 11, 2010
MENDES, Mónica, CORREIA, Nuno [2010] "RTiVISS | Real-Time Video Interactive Systems for Sustainability", MM '10 Proceedings of the international conference on Multimedia, ACM Multimedia 2010Interactive Art Program, October 25-29, Firenze, Italy
MENDES, Mónica, CORREIA, Nuno [2010] “Design for Mobile Devices at Future Places in Perspective”, in Calling All Futures: an Overview of Futureplaces Past, Present, and..., Future Places 2010, Porto, Portugal, pp. 21-28
"Earth on Heaven", 1' film in the ‘City One Minutes’ video installation at the exhibition "Enlightened City" – STAM Museum, Gent, Belgium, 2010, October 9th 2010 - May 1st 2011
Scientific poster on the PhD research project "RTiVISS" presented at the National CoLab Event 2010, September 21-22, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa, Portugal
"Student Highlight: Mónica Mendes – RTiVISS Real-Time Video Interactive Systems for Sustainability" published at the UT Austin|Portugal website news and monthly CoLab newsletter, Number 27, August 2010
PhD research "Real-Time Video Interactive Systems for Sustainability" – Scientific poster presented at Ciência 2010, Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia (Science 2010 - Encounter with Science and Technology), July 4-7, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, Portugal
B-Wind!, a RTiVISS experience – interactive installation premiere at AZ Labs @ O Espaço do Tempo exhibition, (Montemor-o-Novo), 12-30 July
Exhibition website »
Audiência Zero residency @ O Espaço do Tempo – Part II
, (Montemor-o-Novo), 14-23 June. The projects produced will be shown between 12 and 30 July.
AZ residency June report »
MENDES, Mónica [2010] "RTiVISS Real-Time Video Interactive Systems for Sustainability", Artech 2010 Conference Proceedings, 5th International Conference Artech 2010 “Envisioning Digital Spaces”, April 22-23, Guimarães, Portugal
Awarded the best Portuguese paper of the Conference »
GEAR: Sound & Interactive Media | "Sharing Experiences in the Creative Labs" talks
altLab presentation [2010/04/08]
UT Austin + SXSW Interactive prospective visit [2010/03/08 to 20] Blog »
UT set photos » & SXSW set photos »
Audiência Zero multidisciplinary artist residency with its three laboratories (altlab, LCD, xDA) in O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo), 01-07 March + 14-23 June. The projects produced will be shown between 12 and 25 July.
AZ residency March video »
"Earth on Heaven", film selected by The One Minutes Foundation for the City One Minutes Lisbon, presented at the One Minutes annual awards in Shanghai [2010/03/19]
"Criatividade e Tecnologia"– 5º ciclo de Conversas na Aldeia Global, Biblioteca Municipal de Oeiras, Portugal [2010/01/21]

AZ meeting – LCD, altLab and xDA members works in progress presentations
AZ meeting video »
“Insides Fine Arts” 1' film screened at 8ª Longa Noite de Curtas (8th Long Short Cuts Night) in Lisbon [2010/11/21]
RTiVISS | Treeellucinations interactive installation, Future Places exhibition [2009/10/07~19]
"Future Places 2009 Workshop Outcomes", Future Places Conferences, School
of Fine Arts – University of Porto, Portugal [2009/10/16]
MENDES, Mónica, CORREIA, Nuno [2009] “Interface Design for Mobile Devices”, Future Places 2008 Festival Proceedings, Porto, Portugal

"InBetween", film projection in the scope of ABC Cineclube “Novíssimos do Cinema Portugês”, São Jorge Cinema, Lisbon, Portugal [2008/12/27]
"InBetween", film projection at "World One Minutes” exhibition opening, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa, Portugal [2008/11/08]
"Presentation of Interface Design Workshop Outcomes", Future Places Conference: Viewpoints on Digital Media and Local Cultures – Session 1, School of Fine Arts
– University of Porto, Portugal [2008/10/10]
LOEV – LIve Online Events, Future Places exhibition [2008/10/13~17]

“Design e Multimédia: Metodologias de Ensino Reequacionadas” (Design and Multimedia: Equated Education Methodologies), 18º Encontro Nacional da APECV
– Metodologias Didácticas em Educação Artística, Instituto Politécnico de Beja [2006/05/12]

SANTIAGO, Jorge, ROMERO, Luís, KRIPPHAL, Bruno, MENDES, Mónica, CORREIA, Nuno [2004] “A Framework for Exploration and Gaming in Mixed Reality”, Gaming Applications in Pervasive Computing Environments Workshop, Pervasive 2004 Conference, Vienna, Austria

“Redesign do Audiovisual Educacional – Interfaces Hipermédia em Vídeo e Televisão” (Redesign of Educational Video: Hypermedia Interfaces for Video and Television), USE(R) – Poster presented at Design International Congress, Lisbon, CPD – Centro Português de Design [2003/03]


Note on why publications prior to the 2011 Fall season spell RTiVISS in the place of the actual ARTiVIS

The project started as RTiVISS. By interviewing and observing installation participants we recognized the relevance to make the name understandable and memorable to all cultures. ARTIVIS became then the final version that keeps the essence of the concept, bringing additional evidence on the connection of arts with an activist approach.



Canal nº 121404 – ARTiVIS no MEO Kanal

» ARTiVIS live
Canal nº 456897 – ARTiVIS live no MEO Kanal

Canal nº 485558 – no MEO Kanal