ARTiVIS is collaborative

In the scope of this research project ARTiVIS, several people have been working in multidisciplinary teams to develop interactive installations that use real-time video to engage people with environmental sustainability.

Mónica Mendes
is the designer that originally created ARTiVIS in the scope of her PhD research

Nuno Correia

is the research advisor of the ARTiVIS PhD research

Sílvia Chicó
is the Fine Arts PhD research co-advisor

Pedro Ângelo
is the project hacker in residence

Valentina Nisi
is the HCI Fine Artist and SINAIS connection coordinator

Ricardo Webbens
created the B-Wind! and Play with Fire sound design and collaborated in the design of the Play with Fire mashup first version

Filipe Cruz
programmed the Play with Fire mobile app first version

Maurício Martins
collaborated in the B-Wind! and Hug@ree electronics

Margarida Faria
collaborated in the Hug@ree Virtual Hug started during Codebits 2010

Ferdinand Meier
helped in the hugatree setup and is being consulted for his research in renewable energy systems

Ricardo Lobo, Vítor Silva, Tiago Serra, João Correia, Guilherme Martins, Marco Moura, Sérgio Ferreira, Filipe Pais, João Ferreira
are AZ Labs members who collaborated in interactive installations development: electronics, role play, technology expertise


Fernando Mendes
Local support at Maçal do Chão

Valter Cruz, João Correia
Maintenance at Maçal do Chão





MÓNICA MENDES is a designer, Multimedia Art educator at the University of Lisbon, and PhD candidate in Digital Media funded by FCT in the framework of the UT Austin|Portugal Program. She is also a CIEBA researcher and a founding member of the AZ Labs hackerspace altLab. Interested in designing for a better world, Mónica is exploring the emotion of real-time in interactive systems at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology.

NUNO CORREIA is a Professor at the New University of Lisbon where he heads the Interactive Multimedia Group (IMG). Nuno Correia is director of the Portuguese national program on Digital Media in cooperation with UT Austin. He was a researcher at Interval Research, Palo Alto, CA, and at INESC, Portugal. He participated in several EU funded projects and he has worked and directed projects on augmented environments and mobile storytelling. Current work includes tangible, multitouch and pen based interfaces for exploring art collections, medieval manuscripts and dance annotation.

PEDRO ÂNGELO is a PhD student in Digital Media, founder of Audiência Zero's LCD medialab and an independent technical research consultant for creative projects.

VALENTINA NISI is an Assistant Professor at the University of Madeira working in the area of Digital Interactive Media and Arts as part of the CMU|Portugal Program. Her research focuses on designing and producing digitally mediated experiences in real spaces, merging architecture, context and landscape. She holds a PhD from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and worked for 4 years at MediaLabEurope, MIT research partner. Lately she has been collaborating with ARTiVIS on designing and delivering digital art installations in the domain of forest preservations and sustainability.

FERDINAND MEIER is a mechanical engineer studying renewable energy systems.

MAURÍCIO MARTINS Coordinator of altLab Lisbon’s Hackerspace, a community-based and community-building collective dedicated to independent research. Maker of Things, Tinkerer, and Open Source advocate. Works mainly as Collaborative Project Developer focused on DIY Experimentation with Electronics, Physical Computing and Digital Fabrication.