MÓNICA MENDES is a designer, Multimedia Art educator at the University of Lisbon, and PhD candidate in Digital Media funded by FCT in the framework of the UT Austin|Portugal Program.
Interested in designing for a better world, Mónica is exploring the emotion of real-time in interactive systems at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology.
She is also a CIEBA researcher and a founding member of the AZ Labs hackerspace altLab.



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[Portuguese, b. Angola | Living in Lisbon, Portugal] is an assistant at the Multimedia Arts degree of the University of Lisbon, FBAUL. Currently, she is a researcher holding a PhD fellowship in Digital Media in the framework of the UT Austin-Portugal Program, funded by FCT [Foundation for Science and Technology], specialization in Audiovisual and Interactive Content Creation [FCT/UNL, "ARTiVIS – Arts, Real-Time Video and Interactivity for Sustainability"]. She has a Masters in Multimedia Educational Communication [UA, "Redesign of Educational Video: Hypermedia Interfaces for Video and Television"] and degree in Communication Design [FBAUL].

As an educator, she has also taught Multimedia Project Methodology, Multimedia Project I and I, Digital Media, Introduction to Multimedia and Multimedia Programming, Models, Typography, Design Theory and Practice, Design Project and Scripto Technology. She was an invited lecturer of Interface Design for Mobile Devices workshops and Implied Technologies master courses; she She was an Erasmus student in Norwich, and an Erasmus teacher in Berlin and La Laguna, Tenerif, with the Worshop "Interactive Environments: Introduction to Physical Computing with Arduino".

Additionally, Mónica Mendes developed projects as a designer at Atelier B2 with José Brandão – mainly exhibition design and book design for cultural institutions, as a visual identity and information design free-lancer, and as an interface design consultant.

She is a CIEBA Researcher of the University of Lisbon, as part of the CIEAM Research Center on Interactive Environments, she participated in research projects on augmented environments and mobile storytelling of the IMG – Interactive Multimedia Group, and she is a founder member of Lisbon's hackerspace altLab, a collective dedicated to independent research and experimentation in alternative media.
Mónica is also founder of the Loev [Live Online Events] project, and she has organized events, such as conferences and workshops.

Her work and research has been presented in conferences and exhibitions, such as USE(R) in Lisbon, Artech in Guimarães, City One Minutes Film in Shanghai and Gent, Future Places in Porto, AZ Labs in Montemor-o-Novo and Porto, Popup in Lisbon, ACM Multimedia in Florence, TEI in Funchal, SXSW in Austin, CHI in Vancouver, UCLA in Los Angeles, ISEA in Istanbul, DIS in Newcastle.

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Research interests
Interactive Environments, Interface Design, New Media, Multimedia Arts, DiY culture, DiT projects, Design and Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Environmental Arts, Interactive Systems Design, Usability, Real-time Video